Belk Charity Day Sale

This event has passed, and C3 raised over $850!



belk logoWhen: Saturday May 3rd
Where: Any Belk location!
Time: 6am – 10am


The Belk Charity Day Sale supports local organizations and schools.  Last year, they raised over $10 million.  This year, Cary Creative (reuse) Center) is happy to be one of the charities Belk is choosing to support.

This is a private ticketed event giving you exclusive access to deep storewide discounts, included rarely discounted brands (with very limited exclusions.)

All you need to do is buy a ticket at C3 for $5. That $5 goes directly to the C3 Raise the Roof Campaign!  And you’ll get $5 off your first purchase, meaning that this ticket pays for itself!  There is a limit of one ticket per purchase, but no limit on the amount of tickets you can buy!

Shop. Save. Support.


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