Reduce, Reuse, Rethink

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle is Cary Creative Center’s (“C3”) mantra.  C3 takes pride in the fact that 50 tons of material have already been diverted from local landfills in its first two years.  Trash to treasure.  Obsolete to object of art.  Discarded to desirable.  Make Art, Not Waste.

Beach bottle capThe morning after #HurricaneArthur blew through the Crystal Coast, I took a walk on the beach.  Often after a storm one can find all sorts of interesting items washed up along the shore.  On this morning, the beach was swept clean with nary a sea shell in sight.  My little dog found a bottle cap in the sand and brought it to me as if it were some sort of prize.  I took it from his mouth and smiled when I thought of the multitude of bottle caps at C3.  In that moment, trash to treasure was no longer an abstract concept.

It’s hard to visualize what 50 tons of stuff looks like.  Word pictures help us grasp the magnitude of materials, like saying that it would fill an NFL stadium to overflowing.  That’s a bit too metaphoric for me.  I’m more literal.  But when I saw that single bottle cap, I didn’t need any similes to understand the environmental benefit of reuse in a way I hadn’t previously considered.

More reuse art means less litter,
and not just in landfills, but at the beach! 

I’d love to see more art like this piece by Ghanian artist El Anatsui.  I’d love to see more people rethink what they consider trash and what they chose to throw away.  I’d love to see C3 settled into a new home so that the environmental benefit can multiply.

Rethinking it!
Dawn LaRue
C3 Raise the Roof Campaign Director

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