Bohemian Bash Live Auction Items

Cary Creative Center (“C3″) is proud to announce the items that will be auctioned live at the Bohemian Bash.  We have assembled a tempting selection of choices for every taste and budget.  Come prepared to bid on your favorite!

Item 1: Summer Picnic Date Bundle  

Value: $300 | Starting bid: $75  | Bidding Increment: $25


Item 2: O2 Fitness Membership                     

Value: $573 | Starting bid: $100 | Bidding increment: $25


  • Gift card for six (6) months of deluxe membership at O2 Fitness Club
  • Two (2) personal training sessions

Item 3: Salvador Dali Framed Print    

Value: $1,500 | Starting bid: $300 | Bidding increment: $50


  • “The Invisible Man” print, numbered 305/500 and signed by the artist
  • Museum quality framing
  • Piece measures 25 x 37

Item 4: Upcycled Earrings by Booth Jewelers       

Value: $595 | Starting bid: $100 | Bidding increment: $25


  • 18K yellow gold and sterling silver chandelier upcycled earrings crafted from scrap jewelry
  • Custom creation by jewelry designer Lily Booth just for the Bohemian Bash

Item 5: Beach Cottage rental at Emerald Isle  

Value: up to $3,000 | Starting bid: $500 | Bidding increment: $100


  • One week rental at Sanctuary, a third row, six bedroom, four bath cottage with panoramic views
  • Sleeps 12, private pool, wifi, easy beach access, foosball table, outdoor shower
  • Pick your week (excludes Peak Season, 6-13-15 – 7-31-15)
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Reduce, Reuse, Rethink

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle is Cary Creative Center’s (“C3″) mantra.  C3 takes pride in the fact that 50 tons of material have already been diverted from local landfills in its first two years.  Trash to treasure.  Obsolete to object of art.  Discarded to desirable.  Make Art, Not Waste.

Beach bottle capThe morning after #HurricaneArthur blew through the Crystal Coast, I took a walk on the beach.  Often after a storm one can find all sorts of interesting items washed up along the shore.  On this morning, the beach was swept clean with nary a sea shell in sight.  My little dog found a bottle cap in the sand and brought it to me as if it were some sort of prize.  I took it from his mouth and smiled when I thought of the multitude of bottle caps at C3.  In that moment, trash to treasure was no longer an abstract concept.

It’s hard to visualize what 50 tons of stuff looks like.  Word pictures help us grasp the magnitude of materials, like saying that it would fill an NFL stadium to overflowing.  That’s a bit too metaphoric for me.  I’m more literal.  But when I saw that single bottle cap, I didn’t need any similes to understand the environmental benefit of reuse in a way I hadn’t previously considered.

More reuse art means less litter,
and not just in landfills, but at the beach! 

I’d love to see more art like this piece by Ghanian artist El Anatsui.  I’d love to see more people rethink what they consider trash and what they chose to throw away.  I’d love to see C3 settled into a new home so that the environmental benefit can multiply.

Rethinking it!
Dawn LaRue
C3 Raise the Roof Campaign Director

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Auction with a view! Come to #BohemianBash

Auction with a view! Come to #BohemianBash prepared to bid on Emerald Isle beach cottage!

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Here Come the Judges!

Cary Creative Center (“C3″) is proud to announce the panel of judges who will determine the winners of the Reuse Art Show!  The Art Show will showcase how reuse materials can be transformed into meaningful works of art.  It’s Make Art, Not Waste in action.

The challenge to our artists is to incorporate a repurposed element into their creations.  The challenge to our judges is to determine two winners: the Best Overall and Best Incorporation of Reuse Materials.  The challenge to #BohemianBash event goers is to vote for their favorite(s) pieces to see which artist will take home the prize for Popular Vote.  Many pieces will be available for purchase, too.

So, we would like to introduce our esteemed judges.  Each is an artist in her own right and active in the local arts community.


Cynthia DeisCynthia Deis is a jewelry designer and craft educator based out of Raleigh, North Carolina.  The mother of two, she works with her husband in her bead store, Ornamentea where she teaches, designs and plays with beads.  Her work often incorporates mixed media and layering.  She has designed and produced jewelry for Anthropologie, Nordstrom, and J.Jill.  Her projects are often featured in magazines and blogs.  Click here to view a library of her current DIY design tutorials.


Olivia Promo PhotoOlivia Woodford joined The Scrap Exchange in Durham as Development Director this past winter and is using her 25 years of nonprofit administrative experience to help fuel the creative reuse revolution.  She was the program director for Health Arts Network at Duke, Development Director for Revels in Boston, Artistic Director of Healing Theatre in Asheville and was the Staff Development Director at Kripalu Center in Lenox, MA.  She is jazzed to work with great people who are passionate about reducing waste and bringing creativity to the many possibilities of reuse.


Paulette WrightPaulette B. Wright is a self-taught, award winning artist.  She is a respected painter and photographer.  As president of the Fine Arts League of Cary (“FALC”), Paulette is a hands-on leader, and has helped FALC achieve notoriety among artists.



The Art Show will take place at the Make Art, Not Waste Bohemian Bash on 17 July 2014 at Cypress Manor in Cary, NC.  It’s not too late for artists to register a piece for submission.  Get your tickets to the #BohemianBash!

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Meet the Bash Committee

We would like to introduce you to the C3 Raise the Roof Campaign  Committee!  This dedicated group is working diligently behind the scenes to bring you the Bohemian Bash.  We all come from different personal and professional backgrounds, but are united in our shared goal: Helping C3 move into a bigger space. Our core group came together back in January 2014.  Faced with a monumental task and just the kernel of an idea of how to make it happen, we forged the outline of the campaign and began meeting on Wednesday evenings.  Meet the team!

Group 1

Pictured, from left to right: Holly Burch, Jim Lockhart, Dawn LaRue, Leslie Limerick-Lockhart, Marie Grubbs, Betsy Dassau

dawnDawn LaRue, C3 Raise the Roof Campaign Director

Dawn is a North Carolina State Bar Certified Paralegal currently “on loan” to the C3 Raise the Roof Campaign.  Although neither a treehugger nor artistic, she was intrigued by C3′s mission and fascinated how discarded materials can be transformed into art through the creative process.  Dawn is a California native and was a bit of a flower child in her youth.  She and her husband have been married 30 years and have four grown children.

Betsy Dassau, C3 Founder and President


Elizabeth “Betsy” Dassau, President and Founder of Cary Creative (reuse) Center, moved to Cary in 1996 with her Husband, Gary Harrilchak and sons Travis, Cory and Drew Interested in Art her whole life, she was a founding member of the Cary (formerly Jordan Hall) Portrait Artists in 1998, where she organized many exhibitions for the group in various Town of Cary venues.  Betsy also had a keen interest in the environment, and in October 2009 went to the First Reuse Connex, the International Reuse Conference & Expo which happened to be held in Raleigh. There, the relationship of Art and reuse connected for her in the form of Creative Reuse.  Mentored by The Scrap Exchange in Durham, NC, the Cary Creative Center was started in 2012 as a triple bottom line nonprofit social enterprise. Along with being a destination to Make Art, Not Waste, Cary Creative Center is an economic generator and hopes to provide paid employment in the very near future.

Limerick_060413_259 (1)Leslie Limerick Lockhart, Bohemian Bash Chairperson

Leslie has been involved with C3 since it started in March 2012. She is a North Carolina native, a newlywed, a mom to two cats, and a small business owner. She loves to knit and craft, sing karaoke, and Disney World! She feels the mission of C3 is critical to our community, as we may all be living in our own personal landfills one day if we don’t find a way to reduce waste!



marieMarie Grubbs, Campaign Social Media Coordinator and Webmaster

Marie is a New Jersey native, and has lived in North Carolina for eight years.  Since completing school, she has volunteered with several local nonprofits.  She fell in love with C3 on her first visit and has been with the organization since early 2013.  A lifelong fan of arts and crafts, she takes classes and makes all sorts of things in her spare time.  She looks forward to C3 moving into a new space where it will have ample room to grow and become the organization it is meant to be.  Marie currently works in animal care at the SPCA of Wake County.

Thailand plus 348Cindy Hartzell, Juried Reuse Art Show Coordinator | C3 Board Member

Cindy is an experienced educator; a longtime arts and crafts enthusiast; a third generation, frugal, recycling, animal loving kind of gardener; and a hopeful positive change agent.


joelleJoelle Kim, Volunteer Coordinator

Joelle has been with C3 since April of 2012. From social media to collecting inventory data, she’s done many tasks for C3.  She says, “I love C3 not only for their interest in saving the environment but for their passion to develop creative thinking and art within our community.  As an artist with a 3 year old daughter, their mission hits me right to my very core – blossoming creativity while making the earth a better place for us and our children.”

Carolyn Mitkowski, C3 Marketing Director | C3 Board Membercarolyn

Carolyn Mitkowski is a Graphic Designer at NC State University and Cary Creative Centers Board Vice President. She has been with the Center since its initial start-up three years ago. Carolyn has designed the Centers main web site and develops many of the recycled crafts shown on the site.  She has a deep interest in environmental issues having worked on a number of NCSU web sites involving waste management issues.  In Carolyn’s personal art work she likes to include recycled materials like electronic waste and packaging materials.

IMG_2510Stacey Sprenz, Bohemian Bash Sales Director

Although Stacey recently moved to the Cary area, she has lived in North Carolina for over 18 years. As a mother and an educator, she feels it is important to teach people how to reduce, reuse, and recycle. She says, “I believe in the mission of the Cary Creative (reuse) Center. They help to ensure that items that can be reused and repurposed don’t end up in the landfill. It is our collective responsibility to preserve and maintain our planet and our community for generations to come.”


jimJim Lockhart, At Large Committee Member

Jim supports the Cary Creative Center’s goal of reducing waste by promoting reuse. He is a native North Carolinian and NC State fan.





We would like to acknowledge our other At Large committee members, Holly Burch & Dorene Seaborn, who have been helping out with sponsorships and other campaign needs.  Additionally, Teresa Stallings has been serving as the campaign’s Graphic Designer.

This is the group that’s been working so hard to moved C3 into its new space, and bring you great events like the upcoming Bohemian Bash.  We hope you’ll join us, have a great time, and help us support C3 and its mission.

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Tie Dye Party!

This gallery contains 16 photos.

We gave you a small preview yesterday, but we wanted to show you even more from our tie dye party!  We picked up some sheets, curtains, and table cloths from local thrift shops and turned them into great decorations for … Continue reading

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Getting Groovy!

We are gearing up for the #BohemianBash! We recently gathered for a tie dye party, working until daylight faded.  You’ll have to purchase tickets if you’d like to see how we are going to use these gorgeous hand-crafted and gloriously groovy pieces!


We cordially invite you to the #BohemianBash! It’s really a going to be a fabulous evening. We have, in my most humble opinion, an excellent event planned — a trifecta of food, fun, and the arts. It’s too much to explain, so I refer you to Your ticket purchase is a donation to C3 and our fundraising efforts. Help C3 Raise the Roof!

Invite your friends, too! See you there!

Dawn LaRue
C3 Raise the Roof Campaign Director

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