The Campaign Continues

cam·paign noun \kam-ˈpān\
: a series of activities designed to produce a particular result

It’s no surprise that fundraising initiatives are often called campaigns.  The purpose of our C3 Raise the Roof Campaign is to raise sufficient funds to cover the expense of relocation.  No single event – not even the Make Art, Not Waste Bohemian Bash – is enough all by itself to open the door to a new home for C3.  While we are pleased that the Bash was such a resounding success, there is more work to do!  Before providing details on what’s next, here are a few numbers from the Bash:

  • 45 event volunteers
  • 175 event attendees
  • More than $10,000.00 of in-kind donations of goods and services
  • More than $3,000.00 net profit

Needless to say, we are thrilled with the outcome! If you’d like more Bash news including fun photos, visit our blog.

That being said, the reality we face is that we  must be out of our current space on 30 September.  The need for funding is acute!   So what’s next?  I’m glad you asked, because we need your support now more than ever.  As always, we want to put some “fun” into “fun”draising.  Here are our next steps:

Great time to get a deal! #WhyPayRetail

Great time to get a deal! #WhyPayRetail

WE NEED TO MOVE INVENTORY!  Thanks to the Barter Business Exchange, Inc., “fire sale” gift certificates are available for purchase at C3.  This is a great way to stock up on a wide variety of materials and help lighten the load!

WE NEED COMMITTEE MEMBERS!  The Rockin’ Reuse Raffle at Coglin’s, 226 Fayetteville Street, DTR,  is right around the corner on 9-14-14!  Help make it happen!  We especially need people savvy with SEO, B2B, and PR.  Shoot an email to if you’re interested.


Yes, there is some heavy lifting ahead!  We hope that you will roll up your sleeves and show your continued support of C3 and our mission to reduce waste and promote creative expression.  For many, that could be taking advantage of some great sales.  For others, that could be the opportunity to work on a collaborative event committee.  For some, that could mean a generous financial contribution.  Whoever the giver and whatever the gift, your contribution to the C3 Raise the Roof Campaign demonstrates the value that C3 brings to our community.

Let’s not stop until we celebrate our grand opening!

Dawn LaRue
C3 Raise the Roof Campaign Director


At the risk of sounding like public radio, C3 has an opportunity to have financial donations matched dollar for dollar up to $2,500 thanks to the Johnson Ohana Charitable Foundation and All at Once.  We don’t want to leave any of this funding on the table!  We have raised just a little over $2,00.00 to date, so that leaves another $500.00 to raise BY THE END OF THE MONTH!  Click here to support C3 with your tax-deductible gift of $25, $50, or $100 today!


0aa853a1-86f0-437b-af1f-019e69183f26In keeping with tradition, C3 is proud to participate in the Town of Cary’s annual arts andcrafts extravaganza, Lazy Daze.  This year’s event takes place on Saturday, August 23, 2014 from 9-5 in the heart of downtown Cary.  Stop by and say hi!



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Bohemian Bash Acknowledgments

This past Wednesday evening, the Bohemian Bash committee met for an after-action session.  It was a time to honestly evaluate what worked well and what could be done better next time.  While an event of this magnitude rarely comes off without a little hitch or two, we couldn’t help but be amazed at how well everything came together.  And trust me, there were a lot of moving parts.

There are many ways to measure success.  Although the final numbers aren’t in yet, it’s safe to say that the Bash will finish in the black and net a tidy sum toward the cost of relocation.  (BTW, we have until the end of August to max a matching grant from the Johnson Ohana Charitable Foundation and All at Once.  Please give today!)

However you slice it, the Make Art, Not Waste Bohemian Bash lived up to its hype!  It was a tie dye, free spirited, unconventional kinda night.  The food was fantastic.  The band rocked it.  The strolling magician amazed us.  The art was high quality.  Great live and silent auction items.  Great activities.  But the best part?  Everyone had a fun time!  If you’re reading this and you were there, please leave a comment about your experience.  If you’re reading this and you weren’t there, too bad that you missed an unforgettable evening.

A groovy time was had by all!

A groovy time was had by all!

There are many to thank for helping to make the Bash a reality.  C3 is genuinely and profoundly grateful to everyone who gave of their time and resources.  It doesn’t matter if you helped address envelops one night or came early to decorate or bid on auction items or donated a prize or faithfully attended committee meetings — the Bash wouldn’t have happened but for each individual action.  Below please find acknowledgments to those who stepped up and made it happen, in no particular order.

C3 Board — Betsy Dassau (Founder & President), John Buck, Cindy Hartzell, Carolyn Mitkowski

Bohemian Bash Committee — Dawn LaRue (C3 Raise the Roof Director), Leslie Lockhart, Jim Lockhart, Marie Grubbs, Cindy Hartzell, Carolyn Mitkowski, Betsy Dassau, Joelle Kim, Stacey Sprenz, Holly Burch

Art Competition Judges — Cynthia Deis, Olivia Woodford, Paulette Wright

LtoR: Jim Lockhart, Leslie Lockhart, Dawn LaRue, Betsy Dassau, Carolyn Mitkowski, Marie Grubbs, John Buck, Stacey Sprenz

LtoR: Jim Lockhart, Leslie Lockhart, Dawn LaRue, Betsy Dassau, Carolyn Mitkowski, Marie Grubbs, John Buck, Stacey Sprenz

Extra Special Thanks — Teresa Stallings, Elizabeth Wingfield, Janice Griffiths, Jim Lockhart, Sr., Bonnie Gambardella, Janie Maybeck, Shonda Corbett, Pam Litchfield, Dorene Seaborn

Andrea Superak, Karl Sakas, Mary-Jo Zimmerman, Nita Fulbright, Linda Campbell, Donna Burnette, Joy Pike, Lindsey Chester

Rolesville Baptist ChurchDelve InteriorsHeart of Cary AssociationBarter Business Exchange, Inc.Hope Community Church, Holly SpringsCary CitizenNiche Wine LoungeWhite Rabbit Brewing Company, Cary Leads Group

Solar SwanPorchetta RDUKevin C. SnyderCypress Manor of CaryYour Mama’s New BoyfriendThe Amazing Magic of Wayne AndersonLindsay Aikman PhotographyYeong ChangThe Spa SistahsDaniel Solarez

Kevin, our special guest emcee, got his groovy on

Kevin, our special guest emcee, got his groovy on

Couldn’t Have Done it Without You — Art show entrants, our supportive Sponsors, our event and C3 volunteers, and EVERYONE WHO CAME OUT AND ROCKED THE BASH!


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Bohemian Bash Photo Album

The Make Art, Not Waste Bohemian Bash, held on July 17, 2014, was an absolutely fantastic evening!  While there is much more to say about C3’s inaugural auction event and reuse art show, we couldn’t resist sharing a few images.  For now, we will let the pictures do the talking.  Cypress Manor proved to be a perfect and very photogenic venue.


BB-1 reuse decorations

Paper flowers in file folder vases; fabric swatch pennants

We incorporated C3’s mission to Reduce, Reuse, Recycle into every aspect of the Bash, from decorations crafted from materials on hand at C3 to compostable cold cups for beverages.


BB-2 sponsor recognition

Carolyn Anderson accepts sponsor trophy on behalf of Barter Business Exchange, Inc.

We recognized four sponsors for their support of C3 and the Bohemian Bash:  Barter Business Exchange, Inc.  |  The Amazing Magic of Wayne Anderson  |  Porchetta RDU  |  Cary Citizen


BB-3 bash committee

Bash Committee and C3 Board, L to R: Jim Lockhart, Leslie Lockhart, Dawn LaRue, Betsy Dassau, Carolyn Mitkowski, Marie Grubbs, John Buck, Stacey Sprenz (not pictured: Cindy Hartzell, Joelle Kim, Holly Burch)

We were beyond pleased that the Bash was such a smash!  It’s a wonderful thing when a plan comes together, and even better that we successfully raised monies for C3’s upcoming relocation.  It was genuinely overwhelming!


BB-4 silent auction

The silent auction was a hit!  We assembled a unique variety of offerings, from original arts and crafts to dining and entertainment to services for self and home.

BB-5 betsy takes stage

Kevin introduces C3’s Founder and President, Betsy Dassau

Author and speaker Dr. Kevin C. Snyder got his groovy on as our special guest emcee.


YMNB came to play!

Your Mama’s New Boyfriend rocked it!  Their high energy tunes added a fun vibe to the Bash.

BB-7 amazing wayne

How did he do that?!?

Wayne Anderson amazed Bash attendees with his slight of hand!

BB-8 live auction

Joelle Kim celebrates her winning bid on the Salvador Dali print

BB-11 reuse earrings

Lily Booth of Booth Custom Jewelers designed these stunning chandelier earrings from scrap jewelry exclusively for the auction

The live auction proved to be lively, with just a few bidding wars.  Other live auction items included a week at an Emerald Isle beach cottage, membership at a fitness club, and a summer date night bundle.

BB-9 art show winner

Cindy Hartzell presents the awards for Best Overall and Popular Choice to Mary Jo Stephenson

The reuse art show was a highlight!  Our guest judges were very impressed with the quality of the works submitted.  The competition was stiff.

BB-10 activities

Jim Lockhart, Sr. designed the boards and Holly Burch added the flower power

We wanted to put some “fun” into “fun”draising, so we had awesome activities planned for Bash attendees.  Guests enjoyed the Spa Room, temporary tattoos, and the flower power photo op.

Planning an event like the Make Art, Not Waste Bohemian Bash is no small undertaking.  We want to thank everyone who made the Bash such an unforgettable evening — our generous sponsors, those businesses and individuals who contributed items for the auction, the art show judges and reuse artists, our amazing committee, our energetic event volunteers, and most importantly everyone who came out and enjoyed a most fun and groovy evening that lived up to its hype.  Your support will open the door to a new home for C3!









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Bohemian Bash Live Auction Items

Cary Creative Center (“C3″) is proud to announce the items that will be auctioned live at the Bohemian Bash.  We have assembled a tempting selection of choices for every taste and budget.  Come prepared to bid on your favorite!

Item 1: Summer Picnic Date Bundle  

Value: $300 | Starting bid: $75  | Bidding Increment: $25


Item 2: O2 Fitness Membership                     

Value: $573 | Starting bid: $100 | Bidding increment: $25


  • Gift card for six (6) months of deluxe membership at O2 Fitness Club
  • Two (2) personal training sessions

Item 3: Salvador Dali Framed Print    

Value: $1,500 | Starting bid: $300 | Bidding increment: $50


  • “The Invisible Man” print, numbered 305/500 and signed by the artist
  • Museum quality framing
  • Piece measures 25 x 37

Item 4: Upcycled Earrings by Booth Jewelers       

Value: $595 | Starting bid: $100 | Bidding increment: $25


  • 18K yellow gold and sterling silver chandelier upcycled earrings crafted from scrap jewelry
  • Custom creation by jewelry designer Lily Booth just for the Bohemian Bash

Item 5: Beach Cottage rental at Emerald Isle  

Value: up to $3,000 | Starting bid: $500 | Bidding increment: $100


  • One week rental at Sanctuary, a third row, six bedroom, four bath cottage with panoramic views
  • Sleeps 12, private pool, wifi, easy beach access, foosball table, outdoor shower
  • Pick your week (excludes Peak Season, 6-13-15 – 7-31-15)
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Reduce, Reuse, Rethink

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle is Cary Creative Center’s (“C3″) mantra.  C3 takes pride in the fact that 50 tons of material have already been diverted from local landfills in its first two years.  Trash to treasure.  Obsolete to object of art.  Discarded to desirable.  Make Art, Not Waste.

Beach bottle capThe morning after #HurricaneArthur blew through the Crystal Coast, I took a walk on the beach.  Often after a storm one can find all sorts of interesting items washed up along the shore.  On this morning, the beach was swept clean with nary a sea shell in sight.  My little dog found a bottle cap in the sand and brought it to me as if it were some sort of prize.  I took it from his mouth and smiled when I thought of the multitude of bottle caps at C3.  In that moment, trash to treasure was no longer an abstract concept.

It’s hard to visualize what 50 tons of stuff looks like.  Word pictures help us grasp the magnitude of materials, like saying that it would fill an NFL stadium to overflowing.  That’s a bit too metaphoric for me.  I’m more literal.  But when I saw that single bottle cap, I didn’t need any similes to understand the environmental benefit of reuse in a way I hadn’t previously considered.

More reuse art means less litter,
and not just in landfills, but at the beach! 

I’d love to see more art like this piece by Ghanian artist El Anatsui.  I’d love to see more people rethink what they consider trash and what they chose to throw away.  I’d love to see C3 settled into a new home so that the environmental benefit can multiply.

Rethinking it!
Dawn LaRue
C3 Raise the Roof Campaign Director

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Auction with a view! Come to #BohemianBash

Auction with a view! Come to #BohemianBash prepared to bid on Emerald Isle beach cottage!

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Here Come the Judges!

Cary Creative Center (“C3″) is proud to announce the panel of judges who will determine the winners of the Reuse Art Show!  The Art Show will showcase how reuse materials can be transformed into meaningful works of art.  It’s Make Art, Not Waste in action.

The challenge to our artists is to incorporate a repurposed element into their creations.  The challenge to our judges is to determine two winners: the Best Overall and Best Incorporation of Reuse Materials.  The challenge to #BohemianBash event goers is to vote for their favorite(s) pieces to see which artist will take home the prize for Popular Vote.  Many pieces will be available for purchase, too.

So, we would like to introduce our esteemed judges.  Each is an artist in her own right and active in the local arts community.


Cynthia DeisCynthia Deis is a jewelry designer and craft educator based out of Raleigh, North Carolina.  The mother of two, she works with her husband in her bead store, Ornamentea where she teaches, designs and plays with beads.  Her work often incorporates mixed media and layering.  She has designed and produced jewelry for Anthropologie, Nordstrom, and J.Jill.  Her projects are often featured in magazines and blogs.  Click here to view a library of her current DIY design tutorials.


Olivia Promo PhotoOlivia Woodford joined The Scrap Exchange in Durham as Development Director this past winter and is using her 25 years of nonprofit administrative experience to help fuel the creative reuse revolution.  She was the program director for Health Arts Network at Duke, Development Director for Revels in Boston, Artistic Director of Healing Theatre in Asheville and was the Staff Development Director at Kripalu Center in Lenox, MA.  She is jazzed to work with great people who are passionate about reducing waste and bringing creativity to the many possibilities of reuse.


Paulette WrightPaulette B. Wright is a self-taught, award winning artist.  She is a respected painter and photographer.  As president of the Fine Arts League of Cary (“FALC”), Paulette is a hands-on leader, and has helped FALC achieve notoriety among artists.



The Art Show will take place at the Make Art, Not Waste Bohemian Bash on 17 July 2014 at Cypress Manor in Cary, NC.  It’s not too late for artists to register a piece for submission.  Get your tickets to the #BohemianBash!

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